Product Development

Our cosmetic chemists and formulators received formal training and qualifications from the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (UK). They are also members of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, and have over 20 years’ experience formulating and producing cosmetics for international markets.

We work very closely in partnership with our clients to create bespoke cosmetic products which perform according to the clients’ specifications and requirements. We have developed attractive and high quality products for our clients, which are effective and pleasant to use.

Research & Formulation

Our chemists keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date by constantly conducting research and development activities in the laboratory. New ingredients are studied for their efficacy and practical applications, followed by producing trial batches for field tests. Older tried-and-tested formulations are periodically updated with newer and better ingredients, with preference given to natural and organic ingredients. Regular attendance of symposiums helps us keep abreast of the latest scientific and technological advancement in our industry.

Production Management

To ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards, we exercise stringent Quality Control on all our production processes, in compliance with internationally recognised GMP (good manufacturing practice) guidelines.