The One-Stop Cosmetics Laboratory

Aroma Cosmetics Laboratory is a UK registered company specialising in formulating and developing cosmetic products that meet our clients’ specific requirements, and that comply with product safety requirements in the latest EU Regulation for Cosmetics .

Our cosmetic chemists and formulators have more than 20 years of international experience in the cosmetics industry. We produce a wide range of innovative products for skin care, hair care, personal hygiene, colour cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes and essential oils for aromatherapy.

Research, Formulation, Development and Manufacture

The services we provide cover a comprehensive spectrum, including product formulation, selection of raw materials, stability testing and microbiological testing. We can assist our clients in sourcing or creating attractive packaging solutions as well as test marketing. Where appropriate, we can help our clients in trade-mark registration or patent filing.

Raw materials and ingredients are sourced mainly from European suppliers but we also source from countries where there are sufficient regulations and safeguards to ensure safety for all our consumers. We only use manufacturing facilities that comply with internationally recognised GMP (good manufacturing practice) guidelines.